Tau Anthropological Safaris

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Tau Anthropological Safaris is the latest addition to our company portfolio. Our goal with Tau is to weave together and explore four diverse and fascinating fields; namely anthropology, archaeology, traditional and modern interactions between man and wildlife (including game tracking), and the story of human evolution. In the process we will visit some of the world’s most important prehistoric sites and more modern architectural marvels, discover areas of pristine wilderness, spend time observing primate behavior and interact with tribes who proudly maintain their traditional cultures.

Led by Lee Gutteridge, a professional guide and tracker with over twenty years safari experience and author of four books on various wildlife and anthropological subjects, our tours aim to deliver a unique and fascinating insight into our past. Adventures with Tau Anthropological Safaris are without doubt life-changing, intelligent travel experiences; together we will experience the world’s wildlife as man has done since time immemorial, meet with some of the world’s last unchanged traditional cultures, explore our human history and study fascinating primate species – including some of our closest relatives, in whose eyes we may hope to see ourselves reflected.

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2014 Tau tours

Tanzania - Cultural & Wildlife Extravaganza: 12 - 21 May

Rwanda Ext - Apes & Man: 21 - 27 May

South Africa - Tracking Mankind's Past: 15 - 25 Sep

Zimbabwe - Sango Ext: 25 - 29 Sep

Ethiopia’s Omo Valley Tribes: 25th Nov – 2nd Dec 2014 (8 days) spaces still available

Northern Cultural Ext: 25 Nov - 3 Dec